Emmerich Weissenberger & Nora Ruzsics
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Foundations of the House of Philanthropy

2017 / mixed media on oiled paper, gold and silver foil, steel frame, LED / 230 x 1200

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Haus der Philanthropie Wesen

“The essence of the House of Philanthropy” – an Artwork in  5 parts / 2017 / mixed media on oiled paper, gold- and silverleaf, steel frame, LED-lighting / 230 x 1200

Emmerich Weissenberger worked with the people of the foundations and institutions of the House of Philanthropy in Vienna – with Zero Project, an initiative of the Essl Foundation, with the People Share Foundation, Ashoka and Blühendes Österreich – in several workshops, in order to essentially perceive each one of them, to get to know their common being, and to be able to display the experienced in a peace of Art. The entire 12 meter frieze is worked out on the original workshop sheets, using red chalk, graphite, oil chalk, gold- and silverleaf and linen oil.

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230 x 1200

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